„Photo album“

Summer in Nizhny Novgorod, Tbilisi, Dubna, 2023. Traditional Polyak's school, LaLambda, ЛШСМ. Happy opportunities for meeting with colleagues and expanding spectrum of skills.

Internship in Abu Dhabi, 2022. In Iftar with Martin Takáč, his family and his laboratory members.

Graduation at Lyceum, 2020. With principal Maxim Yakovlevich Pratusevich (left). I always dreamed of earning his respect, and consider Lyceum my alma mater.

Summer school „Contemporary Mathematics“ named after Vitaly Arnold, 2019. First time I faced with pure math and culture of russian mathematical community.

Literary Tuesday in Lyceum, 2019. My classmates (10-4). Ordinary good people I looked up to.

Olympic Torch Relay in Jeju-do, 2017. Samsung invited me and Artur Olegovich Baboshkin, my teacher in software development.

My room in lyceum dormitory, 2017. There I started to live on my own. View from this window was very inspiring.

My report at Sirius, 2017. First joint project with Alexander Vladimirovich Gasnikov, which I presented to Stanislav Konstantinovich Smirnov.

PROFI Award, 2017. Kaliningrad community annually awards those who have proven themselves throughout the year. It was my last year in Kaliningrad. It was nice to get recognized

Presentation of „ProBonoPublico“ at Samsung, 2016. My service that helps lawyers and psychologists provide free assistance to people in difficulty. While it was working in Regional Crisis Center for Victims of Domestic Violence, three families were helped through it.

My report to minister of education, 2016. That year, I worked on my first research: on emotions classification based on EEG, at IKBFU. Project was presented to minister Dmitry Viktorovich Livanov.

Cafe in Poland, 2013. As a child, I traveled a lot in Baltics and Pomerania, and I am very attached to some places there and their culture.

September 1st, 2010. I was very small then.